Reminder for Parent Teacher Meeting, Mid-Year Party and Term 2 Break

We hope this message finds you well. We would like to provide you with a friendly reminder of the various activities scheduled for the upcoming two weeks.

1) Parent-Teacher Meeting – Mid-Year Review
Date : 19th August 2023 (Saturday)
Time : 8:30am to 12:00 noon (approximately 10-15 minutes per child)
Place : Tadika Juara Cerdik (respective classrooms)
We trust that you have booked your time slots with our teachers. We would appreciate it if you could be punctual for your appointment, as they are arranged back to back. For your information, Focus on the Family Malaysia will be setting up a book table offering ‘family-related’ themed materials and books in the Canopy area. You are welcome to browse and support them as you see fit. Parking is available on a first-come-first-served basis at Dream Centre. Alternatively, you may park along the road or at Symphony Square/Jaya 33 and walk through the back gate for a flat rate of RM3. We encourage parents to meet up with our teachers to discuss and get an update on your child’s progress and development. Kindly note that NO children are allowed to be with their parents during the meetup.

2) Mid-Year Party
Date : 25th August 2023 (Friday)
Time : 8:00am to 11:00am (*early dismissal)
Theme : “Footprints from the Past”
A quick reminder about our upcoming Mid-Year Party on August 25th. The theme is “Footprints from the Past.” Kids can wear dinosaur-inspired costumes from the pre-historic era. Be creative and use eco-friendly materials – “Best Dressed Award” awaits two children from each class.

Please prepare healthy finger food to share with friends. For easy distribution, kindly pre-cut and pack food individually, where possible.

Please note dismissal is at 11:00 AM (early), and NO After School Programme (ASP)/ASP Extended for that afternoon. Kindly inform all relevant parties and make the necessary arrangements for this day accordingly. Looking forward to a fantastic time!

3) Term 2 Break (1 Week)
Term 2 break will commence on 26th August 2023 to 3rd September 2023. Classes will resume on 4th September, 2023. Enjoy this break to the fullest, and may it be filled with happiness, laughter, and precious moments that will be cherished for years to come. Wishing you and your family a delightful Term 2 break.

Best regards,
TJC Management

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