TJC Age 3/4/5 Photography Session 2023

Dear Parents,

Age 3/4/5 Class group photography sessions for 2023
Please be informed that we will have our photography sessions for your child on 15th August (Tuesday) to 16th August (Wednesday).
Please dress your child in their school uniform and shoes (covered) for these two days. If they feel cold, it’s advisable to pack a sweater or jacket but avoid wearing a t-shirt underneath their school uniform.

2) Purchase of Photos (Individual and Class) and Concert Video
Please refer to the table below for the cost.
We will be having our 2023 Graduation & Concert in October 2023. Concert videos and photographs will be available for purchase. Kindly place your order by completing and returning the slip together with the payment to your respective class teacher by Monday, 17th July 2023.

With best regards,
TJC management team

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